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CELO’s Advocacy to Help in Nation Building

Celo Business Solutions Inc., in partnership with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of Quezon City, conducted trainings for Mayor Herbert Bautista’s BPO Training Program. The program caters to the unemployed residents of the city who are willing to undergo the training with the PESO representatives and with Celo Business Solutions Trainers.


The First Batch of Celo Trainees from Bagong Silangan, Quezon City

The Quezon City Local Government, In partnership with CELO BUSINESS SOLUTION INC. conducted the training in Bagong Silangan and Roxas district Quezon City which commended last November 10, 2016. The program dreams of alleviating the current unemployment rate in the country and will help those Netizens, who even though don't have their degree or work experience will still find themselves working in a company, especially in call centers. Trainees from Bagong Silangan, Quezon City showed interest to be part of the first batch of the program. There were 56 TRAINEES who participated until the last day of the program. They all showed enthusiasm which made the training duration enjoyable and compelling. At the end of the training schedule, The Trainees are expected and ready to face the demands and vigors.


The Second Batch of Celo Trainees from Roxas District, Quezon City

The training started on January 16, 2017 at Roxas District Purpose Hall. There are 17 participants who attended the training. They have been introduced to what is BPO, what are the characteristics of a good Customer Service Representative and how to be a productive employee when employed. The program aimed to let the trainees equip the skills "AN EMPLOYER IS LOOKING FOR FROM AN EMPLOYEE, FROM HAVING GOOD SKILLS IN COMMUNICATION, WORKING AS A TEAM", those are only some of the topics that have been shared by the trainers during the trainers. Seeing the graduates working in their dream companies is what really makes CELO and the trainers feel fulfilled. CELO TOGETHER WITH THE TEAM WISHES THE BEST OF LUCK!!